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An Allegory of Peace and the Arts under the English Crown

c. 1638-39

Ceiling painting, oil on canvases.

Total 8.92m by 10.70m

Central Hall, Queen's House, Greenwich (now Malborough House, London)

The Painting

This is one of the few documented collaborations between Artemisia and her father, Orazio, who who arrived in Britain in 1626 to work at the Court of King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria of England.

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The Artist's Life

After a long-standing invitation to paint for Charles I, Artemisia resettled in England from 1638 to 1641. Her father's health apparently faltered, requiring her care and artistic assistance.

The art-loving ruler encouraged other European artists to join his court to enhance his impressive art collection. Artemisia's major activity in England was to help Orazio paint the ceiling of the Queen's House.

Their collaboration may been provided an opportunity for Artemisia and her father to heal mutual hurts before his death.

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