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2002: 29 emails

I am currently reading "Artemisia" by Alexandra Lapierre, and although the book includes a few photos of Artemisia's works, I wanted to see the full range of her work, and I found your website. I wanted to thank you for putting up such a wonderful site that has enriched my understanding of Artemisia the painter, instead of just Artemisia the woman. I also wanted to say that you did not mention Lapierre's book on Artemisia, which contains many original documents (such as the trial transcripts from the rape, letters, etc.) and mingles it with the story of Artemisia's life. It is a wonderful book.

(M.P. - 17 Dec 2002)

I have come across your website on Artemisia Gentileschi. I think it's a wonderful site which gives all the beauty of her paintings in full and all the colours of her extraordinary life. Well done.

(V. - 07 Dec 2002)

Your website is an inspiration for me to continue to explore the overlooked and often ignored influence of women in the development of art and design. Thank you for your thorough research and thought-provoking depiction of this fascinating artist.

(SLBD. - 05 Dec 2002)

I was introduced to Artemisia at Hampton Court while I was showing a friend from the States some stuff from England. We saw the Self Portrait of Artemisia in the flesh! I was so pleased to be able to come home & learn more about Artemisia because I was surprised to see a painting of that era attributed to a woman, considering most female artists are written out of art history, except for a few exceptions such as Berthe Morisot. Artemisia Gentileschi pretty much represents one of the first emancipated females and boy must she have suffered for that back then. I can't wait to see the film. Thank you for the hot tips, most appreciated.

(M. - 17-Nov-2002)

I also have just finished Susan Vreeland's book on Artemisia and was very happy to come across your site for visuals - Thank You. I have also read Mary Garrard's book which is the most informative book that I have found on Artemisia.

(R.U. - 11 Nov 2002)

Thank you for such an indepth insight to such a fantastic woman. I have just viewed the movie and am in total awe of this womans talent.

(K.S. - 07 Nov 2002)

I just wanted to give my contribution to all the praises you have collected by now. I've realized, if there wasn't for your website, all the information I got about Artemisia would've been some feministic grunting of a doubtful reliability.

(A.H. - 02 Nov 2002)

[The author of the above is female and I suspect her comments were tongue-in-cheek. Personally, I did not find any "feministic grunting" during my research into Artemisia. - Christine Parker]

I recently finished reading "The Passion of Artemisia." I checked out some of the sites pertaining to her while I was reading the book. I did not open yours at the time. I came back to check something for a friend about the artist. I opened your site and must compliment you. I enjoyed it very much. A job well done.

(J.B. - 01 Nov 2002)

I too have just finished Vreeland's book and was curious to see the paintings - what a great site. I am so glad to have discovered your site and to have discovered Artemisia.

(V.K. - 24 Oct 2002)

I have an essay due in my Humanities II class covering artists of the Baroque era. I was despairing of anyone capturing my interest when my instructor mentioned Artemisia. Your website has been most informative and helpful. Thank you.

(K.G.- 14 Oct 2002)

Your site is excellent. You did a really outstanding job on it. I had just finished Vreeland's book, and this does help fill in the details and provide the visuals.

(R.C. - 13 Oct 2002)

I just finished reading "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland. Accessing your website has given me a look at Artemisia's art and insight into her life that has made my enjoyment of the book that much greater. Thank you for your work and for allowing us to benefit.

(J.C. - 1 Oct 2002)

I've been a long-time lover of Artemsia's work and greatly appreciate your web site. I've just come back from Florence and I am happy to inform you that Judith is now on display at the Uffizi. The tour and the recent publicity about this great painter seems to have changed some minds.

(D.L. - 29 Sep 2002)

An art appreciation teacher at our local community college introduced me to Artemisia and I have been fascinated with her since that time. While I was reading "The Passion of Artemisia" recently, I was eager to see the pictures referred to in the book. The local library proved an infertile source. Imagine my delight in finding your satisfying website!

(S.J. - 13 Sep 2002)

I just started a book by Alexandra Lapierre and wanted to do a bit of research on Artemisia. I was amazed by her paintings - not really aware that she existed. Such a wonderful painter!! Thank you for the insight.

(L.H. - 13 Aug 2002)

I REALLY enjoyed your website and have spent the past 3 hours learning about Artemisia. I had read Vreeland's book and wanted to learn more. Thanks for the great site!

As an art teacher, I will use this site as part of my 8th grade unit on the Renaissance.

(F. - 10 Aug 2002)

I love your website about Artemisia Gentileschi, my absolute favorite female artist.

(M. - 6 Aug 2002)

I am in the process of reading Passion of Artemisia by Vreeland. Your site helps me to have a greater appreciation for this book, and the artist. It's one thing to read an excellent description of her paintings, but another to actually see them. All readers of this book should appreciate the hard work and dedication of Artemisia and you for creating this site.

(C. - 26 Jul 2002)

I have just finished the THE PASSION OF ARTEMISIA by Vreeland and am going to an exhibit of Artemisia's work in St. Louis tomorrow. The exhibit will have much more meaning after visiting your web site and seeing her paintings. Thank you!

(J.W. - 19 Jul 2002)

I really enjoyed taking the tour on your Artemisia Web site, GREAT content and distribution, I'm not much of an art fan, but I really enjoyed finding out about the real Artemisia after watching the movie.

(A.T. - 16 Jul 2002)

Just got introduced to Artemisia and loved your website on her, especially the historical narrative of her life during each painting. Thank you very much.

(J. - 14 Jul 2002)

The site is great and very informative, I enjoyed it very much.

(S. - 5 Jul 2002)

I just found your website and am amazed at it. I have been interested in Artemisia for a long time and the collection of paintings and information on her life was a revelation. Thank you for producing this treasure trove.

(B.K. - 21 Jun 2002)

I have been surfing info on Artemisia for the last two days and you have made by far the best site.

(A.H. - 8 Jun 2002)

What a wonderful website to have set up. I'm half way through Susan Vreeland's historical fiction book, THE PASSION OF ARTEMISIA, and seeing all these paintings has really helped me as I continue this story of Artemisia's life. Many thanks for a great job!

(D. - 5 Jun 2002)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just finished The Passion of Artemisia (by Susan Vreeland) and found your website to be a great reference while I was reading the novel.

(E.F. - 20 Apr 2002)

I just wanted to send a brief note to tell you what a wonderful website this is. I am not an art historian but like to include Women's Art in my intro to Women's Studies course. I have added your website as "must visit" to my syllabus. Thank you for enriching my Women's Studies class.

(D.M. - 11 Apr 2002)

My thanks to you for your beautiful site on Artemisia Gentileschi. It has been most helpful in my research on her life and art.

{D.P. - 19 Feb 2002)

What a beautiful website you've created honoring the brilliant art of Artemisia Gentileschi. Thank you for helping bring forth the posthumous attention she deserves.

(S. F. 31 Jan 2002)

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