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2003: 28 emails

I have search this "world wide" web of ours (and I am going to emphasize the word WEB) for any information on Artemisia Gentileschi. You have the most extensive and navigation friendly site I have found. Also, the best quality pictures.

I just wanted to let you know that there is someone, way over in Indiana, U.S., that is very grateful and impressed.

(R. - 08 Dec 2003)

I watched the film on Artemisia this night and very much affected. I searched about her from the Internet to learn what happened then in her life. Thank you so much, I learned that she could easily survive after rape case and saw other paintings.

(N.K. - 08 Dec 2003)

I have been reading the book The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland and I wanted to look at the paintings by Artemisia as I read the book. This was a very informative website.

(R.H. - 06 Nov 2003)

I grow weary searching for the painting, records and stories of women visual artists. The body of work we produce is rarely cared for wholley regardless of the reflection of our time and place - the authenticity of the work. Artemisia's record of her life, subject matter and the lietmotif of the time is wonderful to behold. Thank you for this recognition of her work.

(S.H. - 22 Oct 2003)

I'm taking a college course in Art History and I'm doing a research paper on Artemisia Gentileschi. Thank you so much for the wonderful site and the her beautiful works of art. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life. You did a great job on this.

Thank you for all this information. I have become very interested in Artemisia's works.

(G. L. - 19 Oct 2003)

I have been reading about Artemisia for a couple of years after taking an Italian art and literature class, and I recently read another great book about her. It is "Artemisia" by Alexandra Lapierre. It really delves into the relationship with her father and the emotional effects of the rape and trial. Lapierre writes mostly in a nonfiction, biograohical style but slips into fictionalized accounts that nonetheless seem to be a window into her life.

Thanks for the great site!

(E. - 19 Oct 2003)

Christine, WOW! great website... I'm a huge Artemesia Gentileschi fan and even did an Art History term paper on "Judith and maidservant with the head of Holofernes".

(J.M. - 17 Oct 2003)

Your site helped spark my interest in this wonderful woman.

(K. - 02 Oct 2003)

I have always been very interested in Art History and have been taught a lot about the male painters in 16th and 17th Century Italy. I had never heard of Artemisia, regretfully, until I read "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland. This novel and your site have opened my eyes to a powerful and artistic woman during that time period.

(M.S. - 15 Sep 03)

Thanks for a wonderful site. I first read Vreeland's book, but I have truly enjoyed Lappiere's. It is more biographical and incorporates many of the paintings found in your site. I am now curious for more.

(L.S. - 02 Sep 03)

Hi, I've been reading Vreeland's book about Artemisia Gentileschi, which I came across while looking for something different and interesting to read. I always surmized that there must have been talented women in the arts of the time who were never acknowledged because of their sex,and I was glad to learn that I was right. This made me very curious to see her paintings, so I looked on the net and found your wonderful site which brought her story to life! Thanks for a wonderful opportunity to see for myself that which I might never have seen anywhere else!!

(V.U. - 01 Sep 03)

Thank you for the in depth presentation of Artemisia Genteleschi and her work. I have just finished watching "Artemisia" and was intrigued to find out more about her, especially since the film ends early into her life and painting career. It is interesting that I don't recall much mention of her in the art appreciation class I had while in college. Are there other equally talented women painters of that era that we seldom hear about? Thanks again for a well thought out and presented site.

(P.O. - 13 Aug 2003)

Thanks so much for setting up this site. I'm an Art History teacher and painter from New Zealand. Having seen the French film "Artemisia" last night I was hungry to find out more about the small glimpses of paintings shown in the film. You've thoroughly satisfied me on that score, and given full details on the artist's life as well. She will now become a new reference point in my classes. Thanks again.

(D.F. - 07 Aug 03)

Congratulations for the website!

I'm very interesting by the life and the paintings of Artemisia. I am French and it's quite difficult to find information about her. I read the novel by Lapierre and watched the movie. What books do you advice?

(C. - 01 Aug 2003)

Garrard, Mary D. 1989. Artemisia Gentileschi - The Image of The Female Hero in Italian Baroque Art. Princeton University Press.
Garrard, Mary D. 1993. Artemisia Gentileschi. Rizzoli Art Series.

Will you at some point add photos of the work done in England by Artemsia and her father?

It's a great site and I look forward to a time you may add more images.

(C.T. - 25 Jul 2003)

[Yes, I will add this in the near future - Christine Parker]

I too have recently finished Susan Vreeland's book about Artemisia. I was sure I had seen photographs of some of her Judith paintings, but was not able to really recall what they looked like while reading. Seeing the paintings on your website I realized I have seen photos of many of her paintings, and never knew they were painted by a woman. She was very talented and a strong woman,a true heroine like those she painted. It is too bad she was forgotten about for so long.

(J.N. - 14 Jul 2003)

Thank you for the terrific information on this most interesting artist. I, like many others, have recently read The Passion of Artemesia by Vreeland. As I live in Italy, my interest in religious/historic art wanes a bit from saturation. However, the book gave me a renewed interest in the relationship between the artist and subject and between the artist and patron. Your website brought paintings that were only life. Grazie.

(J.S. - 9 Jul 2003)

My father bought a copy of Judith Slaying Holferness many years ago. It is a very large painting that hung in our living room. While growing up I though it was a "bloody" painting meant to scare me. Now I understand the painting. I have read The Passion of Artemisia, I have seen the film. Next week I will be going to Italy and your web site gave me a larger selection of Artemisia's paintings to try and find. Thank you. Great web site! Bravo!

(B. - 10 Jun 2003)

I just wanted to tell you thanks for the very informative website on Artemesia Gentileschi. I just finished reading a fictional account of her life (called The Passion of Artemesia) and it made me interested. I was searching through several websites before I found yours, and I have to say yours was the best I found. So, thanks!

(K.C. - 26 Apr 2003)

Bravo! Complimenti, veramente interessante.
Roma - Claudia

(C. - 14 Apr 2003)

Returning to Art History and Education after a 14 year break and raising my family, I found this wonderful website whilst browsing for further information on Artemisia's life.I could not have wished for better illustrations and examples of her work, and congratulate you on such a comprehensive and attractive site.

(J.C. - 02 Apr 2003)

After reading Susan Vreeland's novel "The Passion of Artemisia" I was keen to see her paintings and decided to see what was available on the web never expecting anything as well done as your beautiful site. It really brought the book to life and wish I had seen it sooner. I now feel the need to re read the book! I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken - well done.

(V.B. - 07 Mar 2003)

This is the best site I've found to view the range of Artemisia's works. I appreciate that you have included lesser known works which are not as often presented or displayed. The commentaries were really useful. Bravo. Also, I enjoyed the options in the tour to compare works and other treatments of the subject. That was really good, because it's what one always wants to do, to consider how the works are developed.

(P.G. - 04 Feb 2003)

I am a secondary school art teacher currently collecting information on Artemesia Gentileschi for my year 12 students. I have found your website to be an excellent resource, thank you for your effort.

(J.A. - 26 Jan 2003)

Thank you for providing such a wonderful tour of Artemisia's work. I had only seen a few of her pieces before today.... Now I covet a book of my own! Again, I state my thanks.

(S.R. - 22 Jan 2003)

When I began reading up on Artemisia Lomi Genteleschi, I was not expecting to be completely over thrown with her story and art.

An exceptional period of women showing strength even though the odds seem to be against them in every way and only known as whores.

(G. - 15 Jan 2003)

Fantastic website! I had to do a paper on one of Artemisia's paintings and found very little information on her. Your site is informative and entertaining. Its really renewed my interest in art history. Thank you!

(S.M. - 12 Jan 2003)

I very much enjoyed this web-site. It's notes are interesting and very read-able. The pictures are clear and interesting.

(P.S. - 08 Jan 2003)

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