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2004: 51 emails

Camille Claudell, Frida Kahlo, and now Artemesia have totally fascinated and inspired me this year. Thank you so much for the visually rich and informative website.

(M.B. - 31 Dec 2004)

Totally amazing! What wonderful talent! The subject matter is captivating. (As an excercise of endurance I recently read the Old Testament). Artemisia brings the female characters to life!

(R.M. - 28 Dec 2004)

Thank-you for this site. I just finished reading The Passion of Artemisia and was hoping to find the collection of her art online. They are truly breathtaking. She was a woman of vision and born well before her time to be fully accepted for her talents and fortitude.

(R. - 24 Dec 2004)

Felicitaciones por su pagina, despues de ver la pelicula queda uno enamorado de tan gran mujer.

[Congratulations on the page. After seeing the film, one is left enamored with so great a woman.]

(J.A.G. - 18 Dec 2004)

Wonderful site! I just saw the movie - by accident for that matter - a few nights ago. I enjoyed the flick - but I know how movies are when it comes to real life characters, so I wanted to do a little research. I appreciate the more honest story than the romantic one - that is what makes a real person so much more interesting! Good job on the site, love the slideshow and will enjoy doing more research on this wonderful and talented painter. What a shame that history has found it so easy to forget or dismiss the stories and legends of strong women of our past who have proved - quite eloquently - that we are all equal.

(T.A. - 11 Dec 2004)

I really enjoyed the website you designed for Artemisia. I saw an Italian movie/biography on cable last night and found your site in Google.

(T.C. - 10 Dec 2004)

I saw the 1998 movie titled Artemisia on the True Stories channel, and wanted to learn more about this interesting woman. WHAT A FANTASTIC ARTIST! I just cannot believe she has not received more recognition for her work! What a terrible shame.

(A. - 10 Dec 2004)

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Artemisia Gentileschi's work. I just finished the book, The Passion of Artemisia, by Susan Vreeland and that experience was very much enhanced by taking your excellent tour of Artemisia's work.

(D.H. - 29 Nov 2004)

Discovered Artemisia through the novel the Passion of Artemisia. How I wish I had known about this website when I was reading the novel. It provides a wonderful background visually and literally. Well done for a stunning website of which I have sent a link to all of my bookclub friends.

(N. - 27 Nov 2004)

How delightful to be able to view the very works of which I'm reading in Susan Vreeland's "The Passion of Artemisia."

Thank you very much for making this possible. I remember studying them in my Art History classes, but that was many years ago, and I no longer have my textbook.

(S. - 22 Nov 2004)

Great job on this site. I'm writing my term paper for my senior seminar in Art History on Artemisia. Thank you so much!

(K. - 20 Nov 2004)

Having seen Orazio Gentileschi's painting "David and Goliath" in the Dublin National Gallery and wishing to find out more about this painter I stumbled upon your website and the account and illustration of his daughter's achievements.

The exception to prove the rule, in this case, supports the supposition that had women, at the time of these painters, been given opportunities equal to those given to men, they would have been as well represented as men in the world of plastic arts. Just as talent, in general, not to mention genius, requires opportunity and circumstance to enable the inherent spark to catch, so specifically does it seem that many potentially highly gifted women artists were never given the chance to paint and realise themselves.

(M.W. - 18 Nov 2004)

I just recently saw the movie Artemisia. Prior to this I did not know anything about this artist. I have always enjoyed "looking" at great works of art even though I do not know much about the artists themselves. I found this website very informative and throughly enjoyed visiting it. Artemisia was a woman of remarkable intestinal fortitude. Thanks again.

(C.A. - 13 Nov 2004)

Thank you so much for a wonderful insight into a remarkable woman.

(M.A. - 11 Nov 2004)

I first met Artemisia in this film you talk about. Without knowing anything about her, I wondered about the presentation of her rape. Then I read the book of Susan Vreeland which I think is pretty good. After that, I found your page, which is really fantastic. The pictures of this woman are full of force, like the Uffizi Version of Judith and Holofernes which I saw this year. Comparing it with other pictures of violence in the Uffizi, I find it simply the best, because her Judith uses all her force and muscles.

Artemisia must have been a very strong woman who managed to go her way straight ahead. And she is one of the best artists of the world. For me, as also a female artist, it is important to know that others had similiar problems as I still have nowadays. I know now that there have been women artists as long as mankind has existed, but the history of men tried to ignore them. That is very sad, but I will do what I can to inform all people I know about women artists.

Thank you for your wonderful page, which helped me a lot.

(M.B. - 10 Nov 2004)

This is an excellent site. I loved the tour with all of the the descriptions/interpretations and simultaneous life story. I currently live in Chicago, where it shockingly appears there is no Artemisia Gentileschi paintings. I love this artist, everything written about her here was great, too.

(B.M. - 09 Nov 2004)

Loved the website. She has fantastic paintings, and the commentary was quite good. I'm reading The Passion of Artemisia right now, and it's nice to be able to look at the paintings themselves.

(J.C. - 01 Nov 2004)

I went to an art history lecture on Artemsia today at Cardinal Stritch College in Milwaukee, WI today. I had never heard of Artemisia. I was so happy to find this wonderful website dedicated to her. I intend to share this site with friends. Thank you!!

(K.S. - 01 Oct 2004)

What a wonderful site on for a great artist! Thank you.

(P.W. - 20 Sep 2004)

Am reading Vreeland's book and enjoying discovering an artist who until now was unknown to me.The story of her rape and trial is fascinating - plus ce change? etc. Many thanks for a great website.

(F.H. - 18 Sep 2004)

Simply perfect! I am a female artist and a friend suggested research on Artemisia - your website was the best I've found for any artists during this time period. Simply wonderful!

(J.A. - 17 Sep 2004)

I love this new painting. I have never seen it before. It moved me and I felt as if I was there. I'm so glad that you posted it on your web page. I'm taking a art appreciation class and have to make a profile on an artist and I have chosen Artemisia Gentilesch, if my teacher will let me. I find all of her art touching and, fullfilling. Great job with the web page. Keep up the excellent work!

(C-A.J. - 15 Sep 2004)

I just finished reading Susan Vreeland's book and was so happy to be able to see some of Artemisia's work with a description right away. Thank you for an excellent website.

(J.L. - 10 Sep 2004)

I discovered Artemisia's existence while working at Ryerson University a decade or so ago, when Affirmative Action made possible for women access & be paid men's wages for men's work (or almost). Her art epitomizes my image of a strong willed woman, swimming against the current, coping as best she can with the wilful malice of males and society's.

(L. - 01 Sep 2004)

I'm glad to stumble on this excellent site.

I'm heading for Florence soon. I found an online listing of one Artemisia Gentileschi painting in the Ufizzi. Are there others on view in Florence, or in Venice?

I have seen one painting of hers in St. Petersburg, FL Fine Arts Museum. I had heard about her in a PBS British TV special starring Helen Mirren, and later read the Vreeland book.

(N. - 27 Aug 2004)

This was a fascinating study of the artist. I knew very little about her until recently and this web site filled in lots of missing pieces. Thank you very much for producing it.

(D.T. - 24 Aug 2004)

I very much enjoyed your website of Artemisia. I am reading a book called "Passion of Artemisia", by Susan Vreeland. In my opinion, so far it is a well written book.

(A. - 20 Aug 2004)

My book club is reading The Passions of Artemisia in the fall and one of our members found this website and forwarded to all. I went on and got a taste of her work, have now read the book which I know I enjoyed more because I could visualize the paintings and have just revisited the website and enjoyed it all the more also. Thank you so much.

(B.C. - 11 Aug 2004)

This is a wonderful site. The information provided was very helpful when looking at and interpreting the paintings. I really am a novice when it comes to art but this has inspired me to learn more about Artemisia and other artists. Thank you.

(A. - 09 Aug 2004)

Loved the site. My book club is reading "Passion of Artemisia" - the pictures are so timely!

(L.T. - 05 Aug 2004)

I knew that the movie was inaccurate before I rented it (which is why I waited so many years to see it). Your website revisited all the historical facts I needed to reaffirm, plus it offered a wonderful visual perspective.

Especially good was the link to the Garrard/Steinem manifesto.

Thank you.

(M.G.Y. - 01 Aug 2004)

Enjoyed this tour tremendously. Thanks.

(D.D. - 01 Aug 2004)

I enjoyed this very informative website.

Isn't there an Judith painting done by Artemisia at the Walters Gallery in Baltimore?

(J.F. - 29 July 2004)

[I just checked Garrard's book. The Judith there is attributed to another 17th century female artist, Elisabetta Sirani. It is very different in composition, style and execution to Artemisia. Not in the same class as Artemisia, IMHO.

Christine Parker]

I love this web site. It's done with love and dedication to love of Art. Thanks for doing such a great job.

(E. - 28 July 2004)

I picked up Vreeland's book to read during my trip to Europe and became captivated be Artemisia.I found your site today and enjoyed very much viewing her work and your comments regarding the work and her life. Thank you.

(E. - 26 July 2004)

I have just read "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland, and was entranced by the book, so I wanted to see more of Artemisia's work, and learn more about her life. Great website! Thank you.

(M.F. - 16 July 2004)

I would like to thank you and congratulate you for providing this information to the common web surfer. I went to the Met in NY to see the exhibition and fell in love with the history and story behind Artemisia's life and amazingly provocative artwork. I commend you on your efforts. Job Well Done!

(C. - 15 July 2004)

Reading the book "The Passion of Artemisia", wanted to learn more about Artemisia Gentileschi. Feel like I have just left an art gallery showing all her works, fascinated by all I just saw, glad the book closely follows her life, it is a beautifully written book, and what I just saw on the Internet momentarily takes me from my small town to a big gallery.

(C.B. - 15 July 2004)

I found the book "The Passion of Artemisia" abandoned in my laundry room, and I think an angel put it there for me. It is delightful. You can actually see her paintings in your mind since the descriptions are so rich. I had to watch the French movie about this artist's life and today I had the chance to see her real paintings in your web site. I feel great admiration and interest for Artemisia and seeing her work has inspired me. The only big contradiction that I've found between the book and the movie is the way they show Agostino [Tassi], which in the movie is very mild, even benign, and in the book he is evil (more accurate in my opinion).

Thank you very much, I was pleased to visit your site.

(M.G. - 14 July 2004)

Fascinating and informative, and also a chance to see more of her artwork. I saw a sketch of Judith and Holofernes at an art exhibit here in the States, and was impressed. The actual painting are far more so. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

I feel that this has given me a good background, as well as a better idea of her artwork, before I read "The Passion of Artemisia" by Susan Vreeland.

(W.F. - 10 July 2004)

I love this website. I'm reading The Passion of Artemisia and visiting this website to view the paintings and the chronology of her work. I just wanted to thank you for bringing her work to the web.

(J.B. - 08 July 2004)

I am currently studying art histories as part of a humanities degree course. Gender and art occupies an important sector in the course, with Artemisia Gentileschi obviously well featured. Your website highlights the problems faced historically by women artists. It is informative, interesting and well-presented. Thank you.

(C.P. - 28 June 2004)

I enjoyed reading and seeing the paintings on your website about Artemesia. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and history.

(B.K. - 25 June 2004)

I, like so many others who have commented, am currently reading Susan Vreeland's book The Passion of Artemisia. I couldn't wait to see for "real" the artwork being described. I have yet to be someone that can readily appreciate art in its finery (although I know if I like a painting or not) and sometimes struggle with the book in its descriptions, but your site has helped so much, The book and your site has given me a taste for art, that I hope to continue so I can understand art so much more. Thank You Susan Vreeland and thank you Christine!

(D.S. - 17 June 2004)

I am in awe... after just finishing (as I see so many others also have), Susan Vreeland's "Passion of Artemisia", I had to see more than what I imagined from the book. Your site is excellent and I didn't have to wait forever for the pictures to download! My only wish now is to see the pictures in real life... she truly was magnifico.

(K. - 25 May 2004)

I, too, have just finished Susan Vreeland's book. I had to know more about this great artist and found your site on google. After years of study in art history, I was shocked to have missed these great works by Artemisia. I spent 3 weeks in Florence & Rome last September and only wish I had known more about her BEFORE my trip! I suppose I will just have to go back... soon! Thank you for such a great portrayal of a "forgotten" talent.

(J.O. - 04 Apr 2004)

I have been reading Susan Vreeland's book and decided to look up Artemisia on the web. I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Our museum held an exhibition on Orazio and Artemisia, the first of it's kind. Our permanent collection includes Artemisia's "Danae", previously attributed to her father Orazio. I have also had the pleasure of visiting Florence on two occasions and seeing a few of her paintings at the Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti. Thank you for all your effort, sharing information about Artemisia is very important. It is hard to believe that such a talented artist would have been forgotten at all. She is wonderful and I'm so glad visitors to your website will get to see so many of her paintings.

(C.K. - 29 Mar 2004)

I would like to thank you for the wonderful site. I, too, am reading The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland. I needed to see the pictures it described. Your website was the best reference! Thank you so much.

(G.B. - 14 Feb 2004)

Found your site by chance. I used Google to search Jael and Sisera as the reference is made in Anthony Trollope's The last Chronicle of Barset. Delight is too mild a word to tell you my excitement. Now it is the adventure of tracking her paintings when I travel. Your tour of her paintings has aroused my interest in her and her life.

(F. - 05 Feb 2004)

I am studying Art in University, and currently taking a course on the History of Modern Art. In my class we each have to pick an artist to focus on, and after seeing "Susanna and the Elders" and reading a brief biography on Artemisia, I was sure she was someone I could relate to. I found your website most informative and her life history most inspiring. I look forward to discovering more about this strong and undaunted woman. She is a true artist. Thank you for taking the time to uphold her life and work.

(S. - 21 Jan 2004)

Great information. Read Susan Vreeland's book last summer and our book group discussed today (1-8-04). Love anything in the art world from that time period. Had to read more about her because for a woman artist it was very difficult; impossible all together. I'm sure there were other things in her life that were not revealed that made it more difficult.

(M. - 08 Jan 2004)

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