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2005: 36 emails

Enjoyed your website and all the information there. I will be looking for Artemisia's paintings now.

(A.G. 20 Dec 2005)

Wonderful art. I just finished reading Susan Vreeland's "The Passion of Artemisia" and found her portrayed as a vibrant, courageous woman, searching the internet found your site. Thank you.

(S.L. 21 Oct 2005)

I am amazed by your great website, it's fantastic. I am a devoted art teacher at St. Louis University, Madrid Campus, in Spain. I am preparing a lecture on early woman artists; Sofonisba Anguissola, Lavinia Fontana and Artemisia Gentileschi.

(J.M. 02 Oct 2005)

I decided on an impulsive trip to Florence and read "Birth of Venus" which really set the scene. Because I couldn't get into the Uffizi, I bought some books showing the pictures and a novel called "The Passion of Artemisia". I love history through fiction and it really whet my appetite. I wanted to see some of the pictures mentioned in the book and your site is fabulous. I feel I really have an insight now. Thank you for sharing what is obviously your own passion. It has inspired me to carry on doing some learning.

(C.A. 14 Sep 2005)

Il giorno del mio compleanno ho ricevuto in dono il suo libro su Artemisia Gentileschi.Fantastico!Sono un musicista e i luoghi descritti a Roma (via del corso , via dei greci dove ha sede il conservatorio di santa cecilia) sono posti molto noti ad un musicista. Leggere le pagine del libro e con la mente rivisitare quei luoghi mi ha incantato. Il libro offre uno spaccato sull'Italia dell'epoca molto interessante . Le sono molto grato. Vorrei poterle essere riconoscente magari offrendole un dono, un mio Compact Disc. Visiti il mio sito e se vorrˆ mi mandi una mail. sar˜ lieto di poter ricambiare . Cordialmente

[On my birthday, I received a gift, a book on Artemisa Gentileschi. Fantastic! There are musicians and the places described in Rome (Via del Corso , Via dei Greci, in the centre of which is the Conservatory of Saint Cecilia), places that are famous to musicians. Reading the pages of the book, my mind revisits those magical places. The book offers a view of a very interesting era of Italy. It is very pleasing one. I would want to even be able to be recognizing them by offering them a gift, ones of my Compact Disc. Visits my site and if you want send me an email, I will be able to write back.


(A.C. 13 Sep 2005)

Hi there,

I just wanted to thank you for the website on Artemisia's life and works. I live in Rome, I am Roman and I discovered Artemisia reading the book of Lapierre.

I am working in the Basilica of Saint John in Lateran where Artemisia had the confirmation the 12th of June 1605 and where you can find some works of his father.

(A.P. 12 Sep 2005)

I am falling in love with Artemisia Gentileschi. The Judith Slaying Holofernes painting is a great piece of art. Thank you very much for this web site.

(O.J.M. - 08 Sep 2005)

Very good representation of her work. i just finished reading Vreeland's book and this was a delightful enrichment.

(J.L.D. - 02 Sep 2005)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making this exquisite web site. I studied Artemisia while in art school in Florence and she quickly became a favorite artist of mine. Your web site is by far the most accurate and pleasurable site I have found on Artemisia.

Thank you.

(K.C.K. - 23 Aug 2005)

I saw your excellent page about Artemisia, just to meke clear one thing: One of the copies of the Magdalene in Melancoly is not in France anymore the painting was bought by Mexican millionaire Carlos Slim and is now in Mexico City in the Soumaya Museum.

(J.L. - 18 Aug 2005)

This is the best art history web site I have seen devoted to an individual artist. My compliments. Bravo....

(L.L. - 08 Aug 2005)

The artist I work with has completed a large oil on canvas mural for a ceiling in Wash DC - Artemisia is one of the figures in the piece. When doing research for the biographies of the figures, I came across your website. It is both beautifully presented and informative - a rare combination. I have been very inspired by the life and paintings of this woman. Thank-you for introducing her to me.

(T.S. - 26 Jul 2005)

Just reading the book "the passion of Artemisia". Your website is a wonderful way to actually look at the beautiful paintings. Thank you.

(J.H. - 22 Jul 2005)

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your site. I have discovered Artemisia through my interest in Caravaggio. Your frequently answered questions really helped me understand a few things more clearly. For example, I have wanted to see the film you described and now I can view it (if I can find it) with a better understand of the relationship between Tassi and Artemisia. Thank so much.

(M.J. - 15 Jul 2005)

I just finished reading The Passion of Artemisia and then of course had to learn more. Thanks for your helpful website. Her story and her paintings really move me. I can see why you made a website for it.

(V.N. - 07 Jul 2005)

I bought Susan Vreeland's The Passion of Artemisia to read on vacation. So I looked for a web-site to see some of her paintings first. What a wonderful find! I'm teaching Humanities at the high school level this fall and it is wonderful to be able to introduce the girls to at least ONE female from the Renaissance period. She is perfection. Thank you so much.

(M.J.C. - 24 Jun 2005)

Just want to thank "you" for bringing this incredible artist/person to the attention of people interested in truly great art. What a shame that there are so few left who could conceiveably paint like this astounding woman.

(M.G. - 09 Jun 2005)

Thank you for this information. Until I saw the film on TV this week, I did not know Artemisia existed. I am sure this is because she was a woman. It is only recently I discovered the music of Mendelsohn's sister and Schumann's wife, to any degree. Excellent work!

(B.T. - 05 Jun 2005)

I watched the french film on her life last night and thought it was quite good, but not enough about art - I would have enjoyed seeing something about Caravaggio's influence on her for example. From the point of view of what life was like for a woman artist I thought it was interesting.

(G.A. - 04 Jun 2005)

Thank you so much for a wonderful web-site. I so enjoyed seeing Artemisia's work.

(J.F. - 04 Jun 2005)

Thank you for creating, maintaining and keeping up to date your excellent website about this still-unknown female painter. I found it hard to believe the film, so am highly relieved to be able to find the truth (much stranger than fiction) on your site. Well done!

(C.W. - 03 Jun 2005)

What a lovely website and subject. I am preparing a portfolio about Women Artists for students in our district (23 schools). Modern women artists posters are readily available but I would also like to present their foremothers like Artemisia Gentileschi, or Judith Leyster. Thanks for introducing me to Artemisia.

(T.B. - 25 May 2005)

This was a truly WONDERFUL site. I so enjoyed viewing Artemisia's work. Thank you for providing such interesting narration on her life along with her fantastic art.

(M.B. - 24 May 2005)

Thank you so much for collecting and posting the works of Artemisia Gentileschi. I just read the novel by Susan Vreeland which sparked my interest in Gentileschi. It means so much to be able to see the paintings that I felt so passionately through the written word. If I wasn't a poor student, I would certainly donate to keep your website going. Thank you for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated.

(M.A. - 06 May 2005)

I just saw the movie Artemisia last night and went to look her up on the Web this morning and found your web site. Many, many thanks. My husband and I enjoyed your site very much and will go to the Met Museum of Art to see the painting there. We appreciate how you commented on the discrepancies in the movie veRsion of the story - which are many, indeed. Again, many many thanks for hosting this site!

(K.D.H. - 01 May 2005)

Your web site is by far the best I have found about Artemisia. I really admire your devotion to this really amazing woman's work. I have ordered the Garrard book and wait impatiently for its arrival.

(T.H. - 19 Apr 2005)

Hi: Love your website. I noted that the image of Cleopatra c. 1521 is remarkably similar to her Danae found in Jordi Vigue's book, Great women Masters of Art (2002). ISBN 0-8230-2114-9. I found it on and used it as a textbook for my Women Artists Class.

(V.C. - 07 Apr 2005)

What an outstanding presentation of Artemisia's work and information about her life.

(A.M. - 07 Apr 2005)

I hope you're not too inundated with emails to stop and let me say how clear, educational, and well composed this site is! I'm a senior in college (art minor) and have to choose an artist that has influenced me and draw from his/her work for our final project. I immediately chose Gentileschi because I not only love her paintings, but I hate how she's so under-rated. This is the only site i was able to find that covers her thoroughly and gives her the detailed attention she deserves. If I find a good job after graduation, I'll try to remember to send a donation!

(S. - 05 Apr 2005)

Thank God somebody is preserving the memory of this exquisitely gifted artist. I wish every woman in the country would take the time to read the book and visit this website. I am letting my child's school know about this exhibit.

(S.W. - 09 Mar 2005)

Just read the book, 'The Passion of Artemisia,' by Susan Vreeland. Your webpage brought Artemisia to life. Thank you.

(J.W. - 19 Feb 2005)

I have just read a novel about her life and wanted to know more about her paintings and how they really were. This site gave me all the answers. Thank you.

(W.H. - 13 Feb 2005)

Thank you for the excellent and extremely interesting site. Was just doing general research on Holofernes and got directed to the site. Anyway, thanks again.

(R.K. - 31 Jan 2005)

I saw the movie about Artemisia ;s life twice on TV . The colours and the setting in the movie seemed to me like a painting. The film made me to want to know more about Artemisia s works and life. Your website is very inspiring and a good introduction for further investigations.

(H.M. - 14 Jan 2005)

I saw the film, Artemisia, this evening, tried to find something about her in my art books, nothing.. so I tried the Internet and I was very happy and surprised to find all your information about her life and her work. Thanks for creating this wonderful website.

(H.K. - 13 Jan 2005)

What a wonderful website! I discovered Artemisia in a High School art class (more years ago than I care to count) and have been fascinated ever since. Thank you for putting together such a beautiful tribute.

(K.McI. - 10 Jan 2005)

.. having just watched the film ARTEMESIA and am about to finish a light historic novel concerning her life, I have really appreciated and will continue to peruse your site!

Many thanks.

(K.P. - 07 Jan 2005)

I was recently in Italy and I was able to purchase a poster of Susanna and the Elders at Casa Buonarroti. Also I attended an exhibition of Artmemisia and Orazio in St. Louis Art Museum 2 1/2 years ago and purchased a Judith poster. I just thought maybe these posters could be ordered. I signed on your guest book today and wish to thank you again for such an inspiring website.

(L.M.S. - 06 Jan 2005)

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