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The Penitent Magdalene.

c. 1617-1620.

Oil on canvas.

1.465m by 1.08m

Palazzo Pitti, Florence.

The Painting.

Magdalene, the alleged prostitute who repents her sordid life and follows Jesus, is one of Artemisia's late Florentine works. The subject, whom some currently identify as Jesus's only female disciple, wears a sumptuous dress. Its gold colour earned the name "Artemisia Gold." Her signature, easily visible on the chair, is "Artemisia Lomi", her uncle's surname, which she preferred to her maiden or married names while in Florence.

The Artist's Life.

On 2nd August 1617, Artemisia gave birth to a daughter, Prudentia (sometimes imcorrectly called Palmira), who was baptised in the parish of San Salvadore. The artist's relationship with her father had been tenuous since the trial, but it appears that the two reconciled with the birth of Orazio's granddaughter.

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