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Mary Magalene as Melancholy

c. 1621-22

Oil on canvas

1.22m by 0.96m

Cathedral, Sala del Tesoro, Seville, Spain.

The Painting.

This painting was first identified as one of Artemisia's in 1987. It contains her typical motifs, such as the brown-gold dress and light veil over one shoulder, and the suspended drapery. These and other stylistic features clearly indicated that the attribution to Artemisia is correct and dates the painting to the early 1620's.

Artemisia made a copy of the painting, which can be found here.

The Artist's Life.

This painting was originally purchased in 1625 by Fernando Afrám de Ribera, Duke of Alcalá and Viceroy of Naples, who bought many paintings from Artemisia and who later may have been instrumental in bringing Artemisia to Naples.

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